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Tuition and Fees

St. Paul School provides an exceptional education while continuing to be one of the most financially affordable private schools in the Ann Arbor area. The following tuition rates and fees apply to kindergarten through eighth grade and our two preschool programs.  All fees are subject to change.

St. Paul Lutheran Church is continuing its investment in Christian education in the form of scholarships for members and non-members alike in grades K-8.

  • Scholarships are offered to all students. Additional scholarships are available to members of St. Luke, St. Thomas, and St. Paul Milan Churches or any LCMS Church. Multi-child discounts are available.
  • St. Paul will match non-member church's participation up to an additional $500.
  • Tuition assistance is available based on need.

Detailed tuition information with the available scholarships and discounts are included on the following page.  Please contact Beth Yoskovich in the school office if further clarification is needed.


K-8 TUITION (2017-2018) 




Additional Fees

Enrollment Fee

$150 for the first student, $50 for each additional student.

Student Care Services

7:00 a.m.-8:15 a.m., 3:15 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. $ 4.25 / student / hour/ day,

$4.00/ hour for siblings

Late Fees $ 15.00 / 5 minutes / student


Hot Lunch

Hot Lunch (Gr. K-8)                   $2.90/each day

Second Helpings                       $1.00/helping/day

Milk                                            $0.60/day


Sport Fee $ 50.00 / student / sport



Recorder (Gr. 3-4)     $ 12.00 / student


8th Gr. Class Trip to Washington D.C.

~$850.00 / participant / family / year


Howell Nature Center  5th Grade Trip

~$200.00 / student


Fees for activities such as music, athletics, hot lunch, student care services, etc., will be charged to student’s accounts and are outlined in the St. Paul School Handbook.