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St. Paul encourages parents to actively participate in school life, supporting our students and staff and fostering productive and positive relationships between parents and school. Various volunteer opportunities enable parents to select areas of interest. Many parents help out with Parent-Teacher Leagues (PTL) - sponsored school activities. Family fellowship events such as an annual picnic and the PTL Benefit Auction build relationships among school families and staff. Assisting in the classroom, library and computer lab enriches our programs, and our kitchen volunteers enable us to offer a complete hot lunch program. St. Paul Church families, see the information below about Parent Partnership volunteer hours.


Parent-Teacher League

Click to find out all that PTL has to offer! St. Paul utilizes a variety of fundraising opportunities and events through the Parent-Teacher League. Its purpose is to bring a closer relation and better understanding between the Board of Christian Education, teachers and parents of St. Paul Lutheran School. It is also set up to encourage a more intelligent cooperation in the training of the child, and to promote such united efforts that will secure for the child the highest advantages in his/her spiritual, mental, physical and social development. The PTL board is a voting board that decides where fundraising monies might be well spent to enhance the education of our students and continuing educational needs of our staff. These decisions are made with the input of the principal, teachers, staff and parents.

All volunteers who work with children at St. Paul Lutheran School must comply with the screening. This policy includes, but is not limited to completing a volunteer application, procedures for reporting abuse, signed statements from the applicant stating that the applicant has never been formally accused,found guilty, or entered a guilty plea in a court of law to any form of child abuse or neglect,and background checks on the applicant as necessary.

St. Paul Church Member Families, Parent Partnership

St. Paul Church Families need to vounteer at least 20 hours each year in service to the school and/or church for the first child enrolled, 25 hours if you have two children enrolled, and 30 with three or more children enrolled. On your bill you will see a line item labeled Parent Partnership, with a $300, $375 or $450 charge. It is your responsibility to record your service hours in the school office. These records are kept at the school ofice in a card file. See the office staff for help recording. Once the hours are completed, this charge will be removed from your bill. The charge will be due in May when you choose to accept the charge rather than volunteering.


Outreach and Service Projects

In teaching proper stewardship of the many blessings given to us, we promote mission work, service projects and community outreach. Recent projects have included making Valentine cards for Mott Children's Hospital, collecting and filling bags ("Hope Totes") with toiletries to be distributed through the Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries, and visiting nursing homes. We have also collected offerings for such ministries as International Child Care and Hearts for Jesus. The eighth-graders do a fall and spring cleanup for our school grounds.



The kitchen relies on many volunteers to help provide tasty, healthy lunches for our students. You can assist by coming in to school and helping to prepare and serve food. From time to time, we also need people to help from home by washing the aprons and other kitchen linens. If you would like to help, please contact Barb Eisen


Recess, Walking Club Duty

Parent help during recess time is another way to assist our school and students. Parents can volunteer to be on the playground with students and tecahers at a variety of different times. We would love to have parents sign up for a semi-regular time slot weekly; for example, for a half hour every Tuesday afternoon.


Parents are also needed to help with the Wednesday Walking Club during lunch. This is a fun period where parents can walk around the playground with students as they get exercise and accumulate miles. To help with recess or walking club, please contact Beth Yoskovich. 



The library loves to have parents volunteer for a variety of tasks. Kindergarten parents, family members and friends can be "Mystery Readers", a special, unannounced guest who picks a favorite book to share with the class. Parents of other students are also welcome to read to their children's class during library time. Mrs. Cassar can always use help with other tasks, including restacking books, sorting and organizing the library. Please conact your kindergartener's teacher to be a mystery reader. For all other library volunteer opportunities, email Mary Cassar.