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State Volleyball Tournament

Reminder … Admission fees are $3 per person each day. Students 10 and under are free.
Live streaming for games at CUAA will be available online at: youtube.com/concordiacardinals


Saturday Pool Play
Pool play will take place on Saturday, November 2nd, on the campuses of Concordia and St. Paul, Ann Arbor. We will begin the first matches at 10 a.m. Concordia will have two courts, and St. Paul will have one. Each match will consist of two games to 25 points with no cap. The top two teams from each pool will advance to bracket play on Sunday, November 3rd.

The top two teams in each pool will be determined by overall record followed by head to head and then point differential. Once we have the top two teams from each pool, we will then seed the bracket play based on overall record and point differential. The bracket will be posted on the Michigan District Website, Facebook Page, and emailed to ADs/coaches by 5:30 p.m. on Saturday.

Pool 1 – CUAA
1 - OSL, Birmingham
2 - St. Peter, Macomb
3 - St. Michael, Richville
4 - St. Matthew, Walled Lake
Pool 2 – CUAA
1 - St. Paul, Ann Arbor
2 - St. Lorenz, Frankenmuth
3 - St. Matthew, Westland
4 - Immanuel, Macomb
Pool 3 – St. Paul
1- Bethlehem, Saginaw
2 - Trinity, Clinton Township
3 - St. John, Rochester
4 - CTK, Sebewaing
Match Order
1 vs 2
3 vs 4
2 vs 3
1 vs 4
4 vs 2
3 vs 1
The two teams that are not playing a match will each supply one line judge. 6-6-3 warmup time will only be in place for the first matches of the day. First team listed serves first. Games will begin immediately after the previous game is completed.

Sunday Format -
Gym locations for games will be determined when the final bracket is posted on Saturday afternoon. The committee will do their best to allow teams that played at St. Paul to have their opening match at CUAA, but this will depend on seeding. Matches will be 25/25/15 format with no cap. Higher seed will decide if they serve or receive. 6-6-3 warmup time will be in place for the first matches on Sunday. 4-4-2 warmup time will be in place before the 3rd Place and Championship matches. See brackets by clicking link at the top of this page.
From Travis Grulke, Superintendent of Schools:
We are excited to host our first Michigan Lutheran State Volleyball Championship! We’ve had our Cross Country, Basketball, and Track events for several years, and we are grateful for those that have helped make this Volleyball Championship a reality for our schools and students. Kyle Thoms (CUAA), Karen Draves (Ann Arbor Parks/Rec), Elizabeth Leinberger (St. John, Rochester), Julie Burgess (St. Paul, Ann Arbor), and Andrea Johnson (St. Lorenz, Frankenmuth) have all been extremely influential in getting this off the ground. If you see any of them, please share a word of THANKS! And we definitely can’t forget CUAA and St. Paul as they are very gracious in allowing us to use their facilities for a couple of days. We are appreciative of their support of our District events.

We also want to extend a big shout of THANKS to the coaches and volunteers that have worked alongside the girls all throughout the season. Your willingness to volunteer is what allows our Lutheran schools’ athletic programs to thrive. Your players appreciate it as well even during those times when they don’t show that appreciation very well! :)

Being the first time we have done a Volleyball Championship, there are bound to be some hiccups along the way.
Thank you for your patience and grace as we continue to look for ways to improve the weekend experience for
our participants. Please take a few minutes to fill out a quick survey (only 3 questions) to help us make those
adjustments in the years to come. The following website is a Google Doc for you to share your feedback: tinyurl.

Some have already asked about the format, and we chose to do the Championship over two days to allow for
our students to have a special experience for a State Championship. We understand that many of our teams are
used to a full day of pool play and bracket play. However, those tournaments continue to use multiple courts at
one time for bracket play. We wanted to provide a better setting for those final matches and use the full court of
both CUAA and St. Paul for the final six teams as well as using a full complement of refs and CUAA volleyball
players on Sunday. To make that work in one day would be 10-12 hours of volleyball, and the girls would not be
at their best as they strive for a State Championship.

Please be loud and spirited as you cheer on your team to victory this weekend! Our fans are great because they
recognize that they can be supportive fans and also continue to demonstrate for our young people what it means
to act in a God-pleasing way ... even when we may disagree with a call from a referee. We look forward to a
fantastic State Volleyball Championship as we participate in two days of competition, always allowing God’s
love to flow to us and through us giving all praise and glory to Him!