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K-8 Referral Program

Student Referral Program
Kindergarten - 8th Grade
St. Paul Ann Arbor
This program will encourage current St. Paul kindergarten through 8th-grade families to
recommend St. Paul School to people in their communities. The goal of this program is
to offer the opportunity for more families to put faith in their child’s education through
word of mouth referrals, which are strong, personal motivators. Additionally, this
program will invest in building relationships with the people that matter most, our
current families. It will give current families a direct opportunity to promote St. Paul, and
it will reward them financially for their efforts.

  1.  “Referring family” is defined as current St. Paul families, and “new family” is
    defined as families that are applying and have been admitted to St. Paul for the
    first time.
  2. The admissions application now contains the following question: “Did someone
    refer you to St. Paul? If so, please provide their name.”
    a. New families may only name one referring family
    b. The referring family’s name must appear on the application in order for
    them to receive credit.
  3. The referring family will receive a $250 credit on their January tuition statement
    provided the following requirements have been met:
    a. The new family has enrolled in August and remains enrolled at the
    beginning of January
    b. The new family is in good standing
  4. The credit is based on the new family as a whole; additional credit is not given for
    multiple children in that family.
  5. If a new family enrolls during the school year, the credit will be given to the
    referring family at the completion of the new family’s first full quarter. The new
    family must be in good standing.
  6. We appreciate families who refer preschoolers to St. Paul, however, this credit
    will only be applied to current families who refer new kindergarten through
    8th-grade students. Credit will not be applied to current families who refer new
    preschool students.
For more information, contact Beth Yoskovich at byoskovich@stpaulannarbor.org.