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Why Choose St. Paul/ Testimonials




1. Strong Spiritual Foundation

Christian schools offer a Christ-centered learning environment that is grounded in biblical truths. Your child’s faith in God and his growth in the knowledge of this world, God’s world, is our number one priority. St. Paul School provides the framework to help children discover and understand the truth about the world around them, equipping them to pursue knowledge and life from a Christian perspective.

2. Academic Excellence and Individualized Instruction

Students at St. Paul consistently outperform their peers in public, charter, and private schools. Their standardized test scores are above the curve, and students are well-prepared for high school upon graduation. Our faculty strives to provide the appropriate educational settings and lessons to discover the strengths and needs of each student and work with your child as they develop academically. Our desire is that they succeed in the classroom and beyond. Integrating God's word impacts curriculum design, from science and math to language arts and history. 

3. The Support and Love of a Christian Community

Our student body comprises students from St. Paul, from the community at large, and indeed from the national and international community. As a Christian school, we welcome all of God’s children to our school family and want them, and you as parents, to feel that you belong to this wonderful family of God, the family we call St. Paul Lutheran School. Students learn to love others the way that Jesus loved, with respect, kindness, and forgiveness. Parents at St. Paul are surrounded by others who share their values of Christian love and service. In addition to encouraging a partnership between parents and Christian teachers, St. Paul encourages an environment where families and other community members can come together to support and encourage one another.

4. Exemplary Teachers

Students at St. Paul perform well in the classroom in part because they have teachers who care deeply for them and pray for them daily. These teachers have given their lives to the service of God through teaching. They will pray for your child, listen to your child, and be there for you, too, as we partner together to prepare your child for the future. In addition, all St. Paul teachers are highly qualified and professionally certified through the state of Michigan.

5. Parental Involvement is Welcome

Parenting is complex, and today’s families face time pressures, work expectations, technological advances, and diverse worldviews. It takes a lot of energy, skill, patience, and prayer to be an effective parent, and we all fall short at times. Our school can help your family. We know that you are the primary educators of your children, and we identify education as a cooperative venture. Our faculty and staff will welcome your child into a safe environment. We will partner with you. Parent participation is encouraged in school activities, and our integrated communication systems encourage open exchanges. Our experienced faculty is anxious to share in this next journey of life with you during your children’s years at St. Paul School.



I love that my kids heard about Jesus every day when they were at St. Paul. They learned songs, memorized Bible passages and catechism materials that reinforce God’s grace to us in Christ. Jesus is on the lips of teachers as they teach science, history, math—not just in religion class. God’s love is modeled in interactions with other students, and forgiveness is spoken at St Paul School. It’s the most important thing my children will ever learn!

I love how prepared my kids were for high school. Everything from choir and band, English (both writing and grammar), history, math.St Paul graduates are among the leaders in their classes. They learned how to study and have the tools to be successful.

-Parent of four St. Paul alumni

I'm confident that my children are receiving a top notch education at St. Paul. The class sizes are small and the teachers are committed to seeing each child succeed. My kids love going to school and I love knowing that they are with excellent teachers who care about all facets of their lives. The school is currently in the process of updating the facilities and technology. They've also added some really great after school classes and summer camps. It's really an exciting place to be these days!

–St. Paul mom

St. Paul has been the best choice for our children's education! They are both thriving in a Christian environment where they are shown love by their teachers and respect by their peers. In the morning as they walk down the hall to their classroom my children are greeted by all teachers and administration staff by name! Our girls feel safe and happy at their school. They are challenged by high academic standards and are reaping the benefits of smaller class sizes. Great communication between teachers and parents! We know our girls will be more than prepared for high school and college.

–St. Paul parent

Mrs. Novak is great at providing the consistency and fun that is so fundamental to kindergarten. Mrs Wisniewski [2nd grade] has a gift for noticing each child's unique gifts and maximizing them during the school year.

–St. Paul parent

Our freshman has EXCELLED during this first year of high school. I have no doubt that it is because she was well prepared by St. Paul.

–Parent of St. Paul alumni


[St. Paul has] very high academic standards, a caring Christ-centered staff, excellent non-core classes (art, music, language, physical ed, etc), and top extracurricular sporting activities! We have four children attending currently, all started in kindergarten, and we''ve been thrilled with our experience at St. Paul Lutheran Ann Arbor.

–St. Paul parent

We love the preschool at St. Paul! Our daughters are receiving strong academic foundations in a caring, Christ centered environment. We researched several preschool programs in the greater Detroit Metro area. We chose St. Paul because it has a warm, nurturing atmosphere that promotes academic, cognitive and social development. We were new to the area and decided to live in Ann Arbor because of St. Paul School and Church.

–St. Paul parents