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Right Now Media

St. Paul Ann Arbor is always looking for ways to resource and serve you to help encourage the integration of faith in our learning and living. One helpful resource we have found is called RightNow Media (RNM). It is essentially the “Netflix” of video Bible studies because it gives instant access to thousands of great video resources, Bible studies and guides for students, families, teachers, pastors, and really anyone of any age.


You can view these videos directly on your phone, tablet, or computer as you continue to grow deeper in your faith. Use them in a group setting through a TV or projector, or download the Right Now Media app on your AppleTV, Amazon FireTV, or Roku!  Watch this 2-minute promo video.


We have partnered with RNM to give you free access to these resources! Please note not every resource on RNM has undergone extensive LCMS doctrinal review. You will also see that  Lutheran Hour Ministries has added some videos to this incredible collection of Bible study materials!


As you look to use some of these resources for your Journey Group Bible study, family devotion time or individual study time, we want to give you three reminders:

  • DISCERN. Like anything you find by searching on Google or see on your news feed, you must discern between the good stuff versus the not so good stuff. For the most part, all of the content on RNM is really good, but continue to discern the content based on the Word of God and your understanding of Lutheran doctrine. Bottom line, know you are saved by grace through faith in Jesus as an undeserved gift given to you. Many of the teachers want to challenge you to now live out that faith on behalf of your neighbor.  
  • DIALOGUE. Feel free to direct any questions you might have about a study or a teaching to any of us on staff. We would love to help you and dialogue more with you about the study as we point each other to Jesus.
  • DISCOVER. Have fun discovering different studies that teach you about God’s Word and help you apply it to your life.