Middle School Education


Welcome to middle school at St. Paul!

Middle school is a time of dramatic change physically, emotionally, intellectually, socially, and spiritually. St. Paul guides 5th-8th graders as they navigate their way through the challenges of adolescence by integrating faith and encouraging community. In the classrooms, dedicated teachers create an engaging and supportive atmosphere where students discover more about their individual gifts, their world, and their worth as a child of God. Through their middle school experiences, students grow in knowledge, organization, and study habits resulting in more independent learners owning their education.


Here at St. Paul, we have a unique opportunity to include 5th grade in our middle school due to our classroom orientation. Including 5th grade in middle school enables them to transition into the full middle school experience and allows each core subject to be taught by a specialist in that field. The 5th graders have lockers and move from class to class, but they still spend more time with their homeroom teacher and receive the extra support they need as they become more independent learners. All middle school students have the opportunity to participate in sports, band, and choir.


St. Paul's curriculum prepares students for a lifetime of learning. Students engage in experiential activities that teach fundamental skills and concepts. In addition, they learn how to apply these skills in their own lives. They discover a passion for learning and a passion for faith. Please explore the curriculum summaries for our 5th and 6th- 8th grade levels below. Or request information to learn more.


Our faculty strives to provide the appropriate educational settings and lessons to discover the strengths and needs of each student and work with your child as they develop academically. We desire that they succeed in the classroom and beyond. St. Paul School integrates God’s word into every facet of the curriculum and every subject, from science and math to language arts and history.

Standardized testing is only one tool that teachers use to assess student learning. The Northwest Evaluation Association - Measure of Academic Progress (NWEA MAP) Growth is administered to kindergarten through eighth-grade students during the school year. MAP Growth measures what students know, regardless of their grade level. It also measures growth over time, allowing teachers and parents to track student’s progress throughout the school year and across multiple years. St. Paul students match or exceed scores from the Ann Arbor public schools and score above the national average in all subjects and grade levels.

NWEA Math 2023 Spring Average
2023 Math RIT Graph
NWEA Reading 2023 Spring Average
2023 Reading RIT Graph

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